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Bring Fun To Your Workplace In 4 Simple Steps

Within an office environment, when the day is in full swing and the team is working hard and your mind is focused, the office can be a pretty serious place. Whilst it’s great that productivity is high and employees are engaged, it’s essential to add an element of fun.

An office with constant work could be on the edge of a burn out and loss of morale. Both of which aren’t good for the employee or employee. However, there are many ways to tackle this to mix up the office dynamic every now and then.

Check out the 4 ideas to add some fun into your office space.

Office Lunch Time

We understand the office is busy place and for all employees to be out at the same time could be problematic. But to have 1 day a month to have a group lunch in your canteen to bond and converse can go a really long way.

It also allows those who work in different departments to meet and get to know each other.

Create a games area

Who doesn’t love a game? A friendly sense of competition is good for the office. The game could be a board game, a game console or an app. All options are ideal to break the day up and enable employees to let their hair down on their lunch breaks.

Get an office dog

Research has shown that having an office pet can reduce stress. Welcoming an office pet will have advantages but may not be suitable for all workplaces. If your manager says you can have a dog – we say take the opportunity and enjoy the day with an office pet.

Have some beers

When the week comes to a close, it’s nice to wind down and let some steam off. Why not do this with the team whilst drinking some beers? It’s a great way to encourage conversations which can be productive or personal to start the weekend with a relaxed approach.