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HTML5 game engine designed


Quintus is an HTML5 game engine designed to be modular and lightweight, with a clear JavaScript-like interface. In order to implement the basic features of an OOP game engine in an HTML5 engine, Quintus is similar in some respects to jQuery, and also supports plugins, event management and a flexible inheritance model to make it easier to reuse the implemented functions.


An easy-to-use jQuery plugin that simplifies game development through the use of implemented game components. Due to the implementation features, it is compatible with many browsers, incl. their mobile versions.


Ideal for 2D sprite arcade games in retro style and puzzles like Sudoku. It has a ready-to-use self-starting game loop. Mouse and keyboard are supported. It is well documented, and the only drawback is the lack of sound support.


A JavaScript game library that offers a turnkey solution for designing and implementing HTML5 Canvas and WebGL or native OpenGL games in-browser or desktop platforms. Optimized for Google Chrome.


The Enchant.js framework for HTML5 + JavaScript games was developed in 2011 and is open source (MIT license) and is therefore free.

The Render Engine

Cross-browser open source engine written entirely in Javascript. Built from the ground up to be as flexible as possible, it has an extensive API and uses the latest features in modern browsers. This framework is designed to do everything for you: your idea is to implement it with the most commonly used tools.



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