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Madden NFL 21: Lawrence Taylor Returns In Group 5 Of Legends

EA has revealed group 5 of legends who will enter Madden NFL 21 and we are sure that users who enjoy having a very strong defense and receiving the less quantity of points in matches will be very happy with the players selected by the developers.

The players who will enter this new group of legends are Lawrence Taylor and receiver Reggie Wayne of the Indianapolis Colts.

As you can see, EA has decided to introduce quality instead of quantity of players to the title this time, since both have attributes to spare to become fundamental pieces for all the users who compete in Madden Ultimate Team.

Surely more than one are thinking in save some money to buy Madden 21 Coins to acquire the Taylor or Wayne card, and when they know their defensive attributes in detail they will make them even more attractive.


Lawrence Taylor And Reggie Wayne Ratings

LT’s main attributes are 87 speed points, 90 acceleration, 87 Finesse Moves, 86 Strength and an outstanding performance on Power Moves with 89 points.

On the other hand, Reggie Wayne, one of the best partners Peyton Manning had in his entire career with the Colts, managed to travel 14,000 yards and hit 82 touchdowns in his 14th season in the NFL.

His wonderful performance has allowed him to have ratings of 90 acceleration, 87 speed, 87 Finesse Moves, 89 Power Moves and 86 Strength, certainly attributes that makes him an extremely sought-after player in Madden Ultimate Team.



Modifications On Card Costs And New Challenges

In order to get one of these two legends added in group 5 of Madden NFL 21, players must have 5 non-boss cards, those cards that have ratings between 82 and 88 OVR points. Non-Boss cards can be found in packs at the Madden Auction House.

Likewise, each player will also have their own challenge in Ultimate Team, and users will be able to enjoy them in three different difficulty levels. Each challenge will have an in-game objective and certain statistics that must be reached to complete it effectively.

The main objective is to win the match, which will reward you with a Madden 21 Legends Power Up card and Madden Coins that will help you improve your team.

Do not forget that you can also use the power Ups in Madden Training, as well as other cards that enhance the best attributes of these legends.

Finally, a separate challenge against Ultimate Team has also been added, which will reward players who complete it with another Legends Token.

The token will give you the advantage of choosing a NAT Boss Legends player, so you should use it very well to cover that position that is giving you problems in your team. This challenge will no longer be available after September 26.

Madden NFL 21 is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Madden NFL 21 release date for next generation consoles PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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