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FIFA 21: The Fastest Forwards In FIFA Ultimate Team

Modern football is getting faster and faster, with dizzying ball movement in the center of the field and transitions from defense to attack that must be made in a matter of seconds to be able to score a goal or effectively contain the opponent’s attack.

Therefore, it is essential to have fast forwards or wingers to build a competitive squad in FIFA Ultimate Team, since fast players are the ones who unbalance the rival defense more easily due to the possibility of making lethal counterattacks and long passes into space that leave exposed all the defenders.

Of course, to get the most out of these players, the best option is to adopt the 4-3-3 formation for your team, since in it the wingers have the greatest role in offensive plays, although they can also play quietly in a 4-4-2, you will be sacrificing definition and accuracy for speed on the attack front.

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Fastest forwards in FIFA 21.

Adama Traoré – Pace: 96 points

Adama Traoré is the sensation of the Spanish national team and has become very famous in the football world for his impressive physique and his incredible speed that is capable of dodging the best defenders in the world.

Adama’s speed and physical power allow you to widen the pitch and throw a lot of crosses to any area striker you have, forming a lethal combination that you should not waste in FUT.


Kylian Mbappé – Pace: 96 points

The world champion is a born sprinter who always becomes a real torment to defenders with his impressive speed.

Also, he has very good power and shooting precision, making him one of the most sought-after players in the FIFA Ultimate Team for these two reasons.


Vinícius Jr. – Pace: 95 points

The agility, acceleration, and speed of Vinícius Jr. are characteristics that every great FUT team must-have, whether in their starting team or on the bench.

The Brazilian winger is capable of changing the course of a match with a single play, despite his shortcomings when it comes to shooting at goal.


Daniel James – Pace: 95 points

The former Manchester United player managed to score a lot of counterattack goals last year under Ole Gunnar Solksjaer orders and that is precisely what he offers your FUT team.

Its finishing ability is pretty decent, so you can also take consider him as a play finisher.


Krepin Diatta – Pace: 95 points.

We close the list with a player not as famous as the previous ones, but with more than interesting attributes that can bring a lot of dynamics and mobility to your FUT team.

One of Diatta’s highest points is its 88 stamina points, making it a real headache for defenders throughout the game, ideal to start building your team without spending a lot of FIFA Coins.


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)