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What do you need to know about conversions on Impact Radius?

Impact Radius is an affiliate network, but it’s one with a twist. The network is based on a click attribution model. If a user clicks on an ad and it brings them to the company website, this is attributed as a successful click or conversion. Impact Radius affiliate platform can then pay commissions to publishers through different programs. The big problem with first-click and last-click commission models is that brands are not awarded for their marketing touchpoints on other channels. They are only rewarded for the network of Impact. It’s easy to see how this could lead to a misunderstanding of the true conversions that are actually coming from Impact. What can marketers do to accurately measure the success of their efforts with the app?


First-click and last-click commissions are the most common, but they have a big problem. Converting at other touchpoints (ads, emails, etc.) on other channels is not counted in the model. This is easy to understand when you begin to see that this can lead to a misunderstanding about the true conversions that are being generated by Impact. One way marketers can identify and solve this issue is by understanding and including these other touchpoints in their campaigns. No matter the affiliate network, all of them are based on a click attribution model. This means that conversions can be attributed to Impact publishers’ clicks. Depending on how the advertiser pays commissions, there are different ways of doing it.


GA is also a click attribution model, but it’s different from Impact. Google Analytics is last-click attribution, which means that it only credits the last traffic source for converting a customer. Last-click attribution is one of the most common models for attributing conversions. It means that all of the conversions in GA are attributed to the last website they visited before converting. The multi-channel funnel tab in Google Analytics is not enough for marketers to understand what traffic sources and campaigns are generating conversions. The solution is an attribution model that can combine channels and campaigns and provide insights on whether or not an ad strategy like an affiliate program is worth running.