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5 Steps Involved In Writing A Credible Customer Review

E-commerce is widely becoming the major means of trading in the world. Now, people can access all that they need by clicking on a few buttons on their devices. For businesses to survive in this age of technology, they must have customers who can attest to the value and reliability of the products or services they offer.

Customer reviews are very essential for businesses to establish and/or retain a good company reputation amongst customers. These reviews are based on each customer’s experience using the product or service the company provides.

Online reviews are useful not just for the companies, but also for the customers who want to buy from them. When customers are looking for information about a business or a product, they often check the internet to see what other people are saying about the product.

As a customer who buys online, you can also share your opinions about a company and its products or services. These reviews – from you and other customers alike – guide other customers in making decisions to buy online.

Listed below are 5 steps involved in writing a credible customer review for any company and/product. 

1.      Write Useful and Constructive Feedback

After using a product or enlisting a service offered by any company, customers have opinions about the quality of such a product or service. These opinions are usually about how the company – through its product or service – solved a problem. One important step to writing credible customer reviews is writing useful and constructive feedback. You can do this by analyzing each element of the product or service. Writing this in a way that informs will help other customers who are considering the product or service. 

2.      Be Honest and Specific

Honesty is a huge determinant of credibility. To write a credible customer review, you must be honest. No matter your experience using the product or service, you must be careful not to exaggerate or underestimate the value of a product or service. Asides from honesty, being specific is a good feature when writing customer reviews. People skim through pages online. Being specific and straight to the point will give them the information they need in a good time.

3.      Talk about Customer Service

As the popular saying goes, “Customer is King”. The way a company treats its customers is what most people looking to buy online consider. To write a credible customer review, you must talk about the customer service of the company. What is the response rate? Is there extra support? Are the representatives polite? Does the company care about its customers? Helping people answer this question makes your customer review credible.

4.      Use Right Company/Domain Name

Using the right company/domain name is as important as your customer review. Part of what makes your review credible is its relation to the company that provides the product or service. Including the correct name in your review will help other people find the company that offers the product or service easily.

5.      Edit/Proofread Review

This is an important step in writing a credible customer review. You should edit and proofread to ensure that it is free from errors and easy to read. An error-free review makes people trust it and guide their online buying decision. 


With several people selling online and the increase in fraudulent activities, customers rely on reviews because they save them from falling victims. Following these steps will help you write a credible customer review that people can use to make decisions on what and where to buy when shopping online.