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Phytoplankton is helpful for both sick and healthy dogs

Whether your beloved pet has gone through life all breezy and free of ailments or your dog frequently copes with health problems – you should consider ordering a phytoplankton supplement for dogs. This supplement has numerous health benefits. It reduces shedding and itching due to skin and fur irritations, for instance, by providing relief. On top of that, it contains many important nutrients, so it ensures your pet has a healthy diet and does not lack in any vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. Of course, it does not replace healthy dog food and regular vet visits. It simply provides an additional way to support your dogs’ health.

A great supplement for dogs with problems due to inflammations

Phytoplankton is not only good for dogs with skin problems, but can also help alleviate other health problems. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties it can also help dogs suffering from arthritis and other inflammation-prone conditions. And your dog only benefits from the advantages, without any side effects, since the phytoplankton is an all-natural source of omega 3. Of course, you might think that fish oil contains more of this important nutrient, but this is no solution for dogs, since it can be highly toxic to pets. Phytoplankton contains at least as much omega 3 and is safe to feed to dogs, cats and humans alike. Therefore you have all the benefits without any of the disadvantages.

Purchase phytoplankton from a well-renowned seller

Another big advantage of phytoplankton for dogs is that this supplement is sustainable. Especially when you purchase your phytoplankton product from Mr. Ros. This company grows their phytoplankton in sustainable farms in the Netherlands. It only needs sunlight to grow, which is a free source available to all. Next to that, their phytoplankton is of excellent quality thanks to its pureness and freshness. Their products contain no additives and are packaged right after harvesting. A better phytoplankton supplement for dogs cannot be found!