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Understanding the Basics of Ductless Heat Pumps

The ductless heat pumps are becoming more popular with each passing day. They are not only very energy efficient but also very convenient to have for the homeowners. A ductless heat pump basically works by pulling warm air out of one place and moving it to an additional place. It usually consists of an indoor air-handling unit and an outdoor compressor unit.

These systems are generally either single Zone or Multi-Zone systems depending upon the number of installed units. Single-Zone ductless heat pumps are more energy-efficient and therefore are commonly used in houses, condominiums, townhouses, and apartments. The cost for running these is much lower than other types of heating and cooling equipment. This means that they are more affordable to a wider range of consumers, hence their popularity among all age groups. In addition to their energy efficiency, homeowners find them extremely convenient and can install them at any location.

Another benefit of installing these devices is their proximity to the source of power. Since heat pumps pull warm air out of the home, they can be placed at any location as far as the source of power. In contrast to the central heating and cooling system that require extensive pipework throughout the house, ductless heat pumps simply require a wall connection to the mainline. Thus, they are also perfect for those who want to reduce the number of pipes they need to carry hot water and for those who want to install them near the source of power. Moreover, with a central system, you have to worry about the feasibility of expansion or relocation because pipes might get clogged at regular intervals.

While the installation of the ductless heat pumps is comparatively cheaper compared to other types of energy-efficient devices, they come with certain features that make their installation slightly difficult. For instance, the ductless systems will require at least an electrician to install them because of their complex wiring. The installation may require you to use a wrench to tighten loose screws. The price of this installation varies according to the company you choose and the amount of complexity you are willing to pay. On average, the price of the installation is around $500. Therefore, if you think you can do it on your own, you may decide to just hire an electrician rather than spending money on the installation.

Despite the complexities, installing ductless heat pumps in homes is relatively easy because of their simple design. Even if you do not have access to tools or proper training, installing this type of HVAC unit is not impossible. The units have both ducts and outdoor coils that are accessible from the exterior. In addition, the outdoor component is relatively easy to install compared to the ducted version.

Unlike the ducted version, the ductless heat pumps are equipped with both a thermostat and control panel that controls the temperature inside the house. This makes them ideal for homes where control over the temperature is not feasible. The outdoor unit does not only prevent excessive temperatures in the indoor unit but also keeps the indoor air conditioner running at its full capacity. As an added advantage, ductless heat pumps are also very silent, making them perfect for homes that experience high levels of noise from other sources. They have fewer moving parts compared to air conditioners and evaporators, so maintenance and operation are much easier.