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Dying leather

Wearing and buying new shoes is always an awesome thing to do, there is only one thing that is not so awesome about buying new shoes. Buying new shoes every one or two months can be an expensive thing to do. For sure when you always buy shoes from a brand that is well known. Are the shoes that you buy made from leather? It doesn’t matter if it is suede or just normal leather. For leather shoes do I have an awesome solution to make it look like you have new shoes but you do not buy new shoes. The solution is leather shoe paint, with this paint you can dye your leather shoes what will give your shoes a brand new look.

There is a lot possible and a total new world that opens for you when you start dying your leather shoes. The reason is that it does not take a lot of work to give your leather shoes a new colour. There are also a lot of colours on the market for dying your leather shoes. You only have to make sure your shoes are not dirty and after you did make sure your shoes are not dirty anymore you can start to search a colour you want in the wide range of 150 colours.

There is a shop that you can find online that jumped on this new market of dying your leather shoes to a brand new look. That online shop is called They have a lot of angelus suede dye in their shop. Of course you can also find other leather shoe dyes in their online shop. So have fun scrolling to their online shop and buy a lot of colours so you can start to make a new range of brand new looking shoes. You can also use the dye for other leather materials.