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Looking for commercial rentals? Contact Aruba real estate

Aruba is a super beautiful and wonderful island and that is why many people fall in love with the island. They buy a house or start a business. In that case, you will of course have to find a house or business premises. Fortunately, there is plenty on offer in Aruba and it is currently very easy to buy or rent a house or property. Together with Aruba real estate you can start looking for a perfect option. 

What are commercial rentals? 

Commercial rentals are different buildings or spaces that you can rent for a longer period. Aruba real estate offers several and certainly if you start or already have a business but want to move it to Aruba, they come in handy to find the perfect picture together with you. You can see below what kind of commercials there are or take a look at the website: 

  • Warehouses/stores

  • Bar/restaurant locations

  • Retail storefronts 

  • RetailOffice 

  • Brand new restaurants

All the above spaces or buildings for commercial rentals. You can choose to rent or buy these spaces. Renting is often the most chosen option. 

Doing business in Aruba how does that work? 

When you choose to run your business in Aruba, there are a few things you need to know. The Dutch are often used to things moving quickly. In Aruba it is very different. Arubans are always a bit more relaxed and slower because they just don’t feel like it. So if you want to make a business appointment and if you would be called back ‘tomorrow’, it may well take another week. When you call back a day later, they probably won’t even answer. The relaxed and slow things on Aruba take some getting used to, especially when you come from a country like the Netherlands, where everything and everyone is always in a hurry.