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Canal Cruise Amsterdam Dinner

A Canal Cruise Amsterdam Dinner is a good way to spend your time in our capital. The captain will lead you through the Amsterdam canals and the host(ess) will pamper you to the max. During a Private Tour in our luxurious open boat you will enjoy a simple or luxurious meal.

Many options
There are many options and we would be happy to discuss these with you. You can keep it simple or you can make it a really luxurious meal. The possibilities are endless. During the Amsterdam Canal Cruise of at least 2 hours you can enjoy a delicious dinner. The food comes from the best restaurants in Amsterdam. A Canal Cruise Amsterdam Dinner is only possible during a Private Tour. What a way to impress your guests!

A Tasty Buffet
When you’re with a group of people a buffet offers a solution to the different tastes and likes. We have solutions for all preferences. The bowls with various food items will make sure that everyone gets their money’s worth. Your Amsterdam Canal Cruise will be a great experience for everyone involved.

Fresh Sushi
Everybody loves sushi. Well, maybe not everybody, but a lot of people do. From 4 p.m. it’s possible to have fresh sushi on the boat. How cool is that? We make sure you’ll have the chopsticks, soy sauce, wasabi and ginger. If you are not great at handling the chopsticks you don’t have to worry. You can eat your sushi however you want. We promise you it will taste just as good.

A Lovely Barbecue
Have you ever thought about barbecuing on an open boat? This is your chance to try it. We have high quality fish, meat and vegetables and a great BBQ cook. During the summer we provide a Canal Cruise Amsterdam Dinner for guests who like their meals grilled. You can chat with your guests and the rest will be taken care of. Of course there will be salad, bread and sauces. Without those it wouldn’t be a barbecue. There’s the Standard BBQ with burgers, satay and more, but we also have the Luxury BBQ with more expensive kinds of fish and meat.

You can also choose to have a vegetarian or vegan barbecue. Just let us know before and we will rock your veggie BBQ. 

Bread Lovers
Are you more “into” bread? No problem at all! Not everybody wants a high class super duper dinner. Sometimes you just want some bread. During a Canal Cruise Amsterdam Dinner we will serve you whatever you like. We have sandwiches with fish, meat or vegetables with hummus. Add a few traditional Dutch bitterballen to complete the meal. We won’t trick you by giving you some soggy buns. No way, José! The bread, toppings and service are of great quality.

What else?
Maybe you prefer something other than what you’ve read so far. At Floating Amsterdam we like to have personal contact with our guests. We will discuss the options with you and together we will find something that you like for your Canal Cruise Amsterdam Dinner. There are too many options to mention here, but we promise you we have a dish that suits you and your guests.

Drink Packages
Without drinks to go with the meal a Canal Cruise Amsterdam Dinner would be rather boring. We have several drink packages to go with your meal. Soft drinks, wine, beer or cocktails will make your Canal Cruise Amsterdam an even better experience. Contact us about it and ask away.