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Automation is it a danger?

There are many positives to be seen in the automation of work that humans used to do. However, there are also a lot of things about it that have a negative effect on human life. In this article we will first of all look at all the good things that automation has brought us. Then, we are going to take a look at the down side of this trend and if it may or may not be a threat on the long term. For an overview of what automation in the bio industry is available right now, take a look at GC Biotech’s website!

The positive side of automation

Automation has done an awful lot of good for humans. It has for instance made the bio industry a lot safer and has improved developments in cures for diseases skyrocket. With the current developments in automation, it is expected that there will only be more cures available that work better than ever. But not only in that sector it has done a lot of good, there have been tons and tons of companies that have been profiting of the development in technology.

The downside of automation

The individual, however, is not always as enthusiastic about the latest developments and they are within their right to think that way. Namely, it is undeniable that many (especially lower class) workers suffered severely because of technological development and automation. Work that previously was done by hand, has now resulted in people becoming unemployed and having no future perspective.

Is automation a threat?

This begs the question, does automation do more good than harm, and is it a threat for humanity? Of course, automation has brought us to where we are today, but the damage it is doing to the economy is increasing as well. With unemployment rates increasing, as well as the development in technology, might only be a matter of time that AI (Artificial Intelligence) takes over all human work. Automation can be beautiful and really helpful, just take a look at GC Biotech’s website. But, someday, somewhere we have got to draw a line and say no further. If not, automation may well be the end of human life as we know it. For more practical technology for life science, go to GC Biotech.

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