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Weird things you can lease

Weird things you can lease

Trying to acquire money in a quick and easy way is something we have all tried to do. Selling things we don’t use or clothes we don’t wear was one of those ways we got some fast cash. But with selling, you give your possession away for some money and that is it. Enter leasing. When you lease, the possession of yours you give away for money still remains your possession and you will get a set amount of money periodically. Leasing feels more like an income which makes you feel like you are getting more money, and you could be! Of course, no one will lease your old jeans. Those are better off being sold, but did you know there are many weird things people are willing to lease?

Here is a list of some of those items.

Fake Christmas trees

If you have a decent and realistic look Christmas tree, you can lease that. There are some people or businesses out there that, no matter what season it is, could make use of a Christmas tree for lots of different reasons. It could be that they need to have a holiday themed photoshoot or maybe a Christmas birthday party, but the reasons are not really important. The point is, fake trees are in demand, so why not supply?

IPv4 addresses

You read that right, you can lease your IPv4 address if you have an extra one. If you have some old routers you don’t use anymore, those count. Internet routers have their own special IPv4 address to supply to a home. But if you don’t use some that you have, you can make some quick cash if you decide to lease your IPv4 addresses. If you do lease IPv4 addresses, you may want to look into working with an IP broker to make the process simpler for you.

Your kitchen

Yeah, this one might get a collective gasp from those reading it, if you are not aware. But yes, it is possible to lease your kitchen. There are many people who have a need to use a kitchen but either they don’t have any access to one or the one they do have access to isn’t good enough. If you think you have a decent-sized kitchen with good appliances, you can consider yourself eligible to lease your kitchen to someone.