Buying your egg processing machine from Moba Group, the global market leader in egg handling equipment, has a number of advantages. For one, you are ensured of high quality equipment that has the most innovative technology and the greatest efficiency. Another great advantage is that this manufacturer provides excellent customer service. This way, you are certain that your machinery continues to run smoothly for many years to go. Should you run into any issues with your egg separator machine, which is highly unlikely, you can count on them 24/7. The experts of the customer support team will directly diagnose the issue and provide you with an easy fix or send a mechanic your way.

Count on personal advice when choosing between processing machines

Depending on what tasks you want the egg processing machine to take over, one piece of equipment is more suitable than another. Some machines can clean, grade and package the eggs, whereas others break them or separate egg yolks from egg whites. Moba Group even sells machines that can estimate the size of the eggs it handles. Do you need help making the choice for a new egg processing or separator machine? Simply contact the customer support team. They will expertly advise you to make sure you buy the egg processing machine that best fits your needs.

Choose between new and used machinery

When you choose to purchase an egg separator machine from Moba Group, you do not only have the choice between many different types and sizes of equipment, but also between new and used machinery. The new machinery already comes at a fair price, but the used machines have an even better price. And even though they already have some production years behind them, they still operate smoothly and efficiently. This way you can still buy high-end machinery, even if you do not want to make a massive investment.