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How to Control Your Charcoal Barbecue – 3 Simple Methods

Keeping your charcoal barbecue in perfect condition is essential if you want to continue enjoying it for many summers to come. As with any piece of outdoor equipment, maintaining a charcoal barbie requires a certain amount of attention and care. Left neglected, even the most expensive and beautiful of barbecues will fail to last more than a few seasons. Keeping your barbecue in tip-top condition doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming; there are a few simple tricks that can keep your fire pit looking fresh and new for years. Read on for our expert tips on how to control your charcoal barbecue.


Keep it clean

The first step to maintaining your barbecue is keeping it clean. Even if you don’t use it regularly, you should take the time to brush off any excess ash and debris from the inside of your grill. This will help to prevent any unburned coals from accumulating within the chimney and interfering with its operation. In order to do this effectively, we recommend using a wire brush or a sturdy piece of wire wool.


Add the right amount of briquettes

The number of briquettes you add will depend on the size of your barbecue. If it’s a large barbecue, you might need twice as many as one that is smaller. You should always start with more than enough to keep your fire burning hot. It can be tempting to add more if you think it needs it, but resist this urge as a little too much charcoal can easily smother out your fire and leave you with a pile of ash.


Rotate your coals

Regularly rotating your coals will ensure that they don’t burn down unevenly, which can create a ‘hot-spots’ in the middle of your barbecue pit. Rotating the coals and spreading them out periodically will help to provide a more even heat throughout your grill.


Don’t grill on a full fire

A common mistake people make when cooking on a barbecue is using too much charcoal. This will cause the food to burn and stick to the grill, which will require more scrubbing. It’s also important not to grill on a full fire. Whether you’re cooking a steak or veggies, it’s advised to start with only 1-2 pieces of charcoal initially before adding more as needed.



Make sure to keep your charcoal barbecue clean, add the right amount of briquettes and rotate your coals. And don’t forget to turn down the fire if you’re not grilling something that can be cooked quickly. These three simple methods will help you get the most out of your barbecue.

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