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Content marketing, daily routine

Daily round of content marketing to achieve better rankings in the search engines is an integral part of the workday. Content marketing is writing articles on external websites with the aim to get a reference to your website. This ultimately makes for better positions in the search engines. However, there must be fulfilled a number of conditions to achieve this.

Terms Content Marketing

The content of the articles used in Content marketing must be relevant. Relevant in this case means that the content must have a clear relationship with the content of the website to which reference is made. In addition, this within the remote Web site must also once again be coupled to a relevant category. For example: If you have a website that is about franking machines, the article should you wish to also put a clear relation to franking and not just be about cars. The same applies to the category under which it is to be placed. The category must be related franking machine / postal, placed under the category of car traffic is clearly less valued by Google. It must also have each item of content different from existing or already published articles. So simply copy a piece of text that you feel is unacceptable and will be punished on the Internet with a reduction in the ranking. Also, an article written by you and published on an external web site may only be used once. When you use a good content marketing portal, this is checked so that you are always forced to publish unique articles. Also a good content marketing portal should also have sufficient, relevant, categories, or at least have the possibility of relevant categories to make or questions.

Success Factors Content Marketing

When held to relevance, both with regard to the content of the article as well the category in which the article is published, you have been a part of a higher ranking in sight. What is certain is important to better scored Content marketing is the frequency of publishing articles with reference to the same website. It is important that this is dosed and finds varied place. If too many items with reference to the same website in a very short time to be published, it is generally punishable by a drop in the ranking (with happiness only temporary, is called “placed in the sandbox,” with luck it disappears longer time completely out of the picture). Variation with respect to the anchor text (word, term or phrase from which the reference to your web site is placed) is also of great importance. In the example of a site about franking (or a franking machine) must only 4-5% of the anchor texts containing this word, the rest should be distributed (semantic) other indications (eg franking machine suppliers, franking machine costs, etc.). If you stick to this, fairly clear and simple points, you can assume the your Content marketing helps a very important stone to a high ranking within the search engines.